effective as of may 22, 2018

  1. The Swimming Pool will officially open at the discretion of Club Management. Generally, the Swimming Pool will open daily beginning Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  2. No person shall enter the water until lifeguards declare the pool open or remain after lifeguards declare the pool closed.
  3. CLUB MEMBERS twenty-one (21) years of age or older may utilize the pool AT THEIR OWN RISK during daylight hours. All adults wishing to swim during any period when a lifeguard is not on duty must have a Release on file with Club Management.
  4. No glass containers are permitted in the pool area or the cement terraces surrounding the pool area.
  5. No food or beverages of any kind may be consumed in the pool area unless purchased from the Club. Outside coolers are not allowed.
  6. No children eight (8) years or younger should be left in or around the pool area unattended.  The attending person should be at least fifteen (15) years old and an able swimmer.
  7. All pool activities and discipline of pool patrons will be under the supervision of the Pool Manager and/or the lifeguards. All orders of the Pool Manager and lifeguards must be obeyed promptly. Unbecoming conduct will not be tolerated and may be punishable by expulsion from the pool area.
  8. Pool Management and lifeguards MAY prohibit the use of toys, floats, beach balls and other sports equipment to enhance the safety of the pool. Tennis balls are not permitted in the pool area.
  9. No running, throwing, rough-housing, wrestling or boisterous conduct is permitted in the pool area.
  10. Only one person at a time is allowed to go down the slide.
  11. Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board. No running is allowed on the diving board.
  12. No swimming during electrical storms or heavy rain. Pool Management and/or lifeguards maintain the authority to clear the pool and pool area due to inclement weather.
  13. All patrons must register at the Cabana and obtain a wristband.
  14. Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pool. Cutoffs, tennis clothes, thongs, and golf clothes are not acceptable as swim attire.
  15. The pool complex is a smoke-free, tobacco-free and vape-free facility.
  16.  A person regularly employed by a Member as a babysitter or housekeeper who accompanies the Member’s children to the pool or Teen Wing in order to supervise the activities of the children shall not be considered a guest and will not be required to pay any guest fee as long as they are directly supervising the children of Members. Such individuals must sign in at the Cabana, as is required by all patrons of the Swimming Pool or pool areas.
  17. Private parties for the Swimming Pool and/or Teen Wing must be scheduled though the Club Management and/or the Club Events Director.
  18. The Club will not be responsible for personal belongings or valuables left in the pool area, to include the restrooms or the Teen Wing.
  19. Guest Policies:‚Äč
    • All guests must be accompanied by a River Hills Member.
    • All guests must register at the Cabana before entering the pool area. A ticket must be signed by the sponsoring Member for the guest fee.
    • Guest fees are $10 per person, with a maximum of $40 per guest family.
    • Guests are expected to abide by all rules and regulations or may be asked to leave.
    • A non-member shall have the privilege to be invited to use the Swimming Pool or Teen Wing facilities as a guest no more than twice a month.
    • Out of town house guests are charged no guest fee and are not restricted on the number of visits.
    • Members are responsible for their guests’ conduct and any indebtedness or liability incurred by the guest.
    • A one-time recruitment family guest pass may be obtained from the River Hills Membership Director. Any such pass must be obtained from the Membership Director 24 hours in advance of the visit during normal office hours, and the name and contact information of each visiting family member must be provided to the Membership Director for recruiting purposes.
    • Members of other in-town clubs can charge their guest fee to their reciprocal club but must be a guest of a River Hills Member and accompanied by that Member to use the pool or pool area, including the Teen Wing.
  20. Pool Management and the lifeguards are required to enforce these rules and regulations and they have the authority to require violators to leave the pool and pool area. Continued violation or refusal to comply with pool Rules and Regulations shall be reported to the General Manager and the Board of Directors.
  21. Supplemental regulations, beyond those included herein, may be issued by Pool Management and/or the lifeguards at their discretion to ensure the safety and health of all.

  1. The Teen Wing is intended for ages 10 and up.
  2. To enter the Teen Wing, you must be a River Hills Member or registered guest accompanied by a River Hills Member. All patrons twenty-one (21) years of age or younger must wear the wristband while utilizing the Teen Wing.
  3. Guest Policies: Please see Swimming Pool Rules. Guest Policies. The River Hills Member is responsible for his/her guest’s conduct and any indebtedness or liability incurred by the guest.
  4. Please dry off before entering. No wet swim suits.
  5. Any rowdy, non-appropriate behavior will not be permitted.  In the interest of safety, no running, rough-housing, wrestling, horseplay or other boisterous conduct will be allowed in the Teen Wing. Profanity will not be tolerated. Discipline of the Teen Wing patrons will be under the supervision of the Pool Manager and/or the lifeguards and all orders must be obeyed promptly.  Unbecoming conduct will not be tolerated and may be punishable by expulsion from the Teen Wing.
  6. Any destructive activity or behavior may result in a fine, or suspension from the Club, or both if deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.  Amounts of fines will be determined and levied by the General Manager and/or the Board of Directors.
  7. Furniture and game equipment is not to be moved from designated area without approval of the Pool Manager.
  8. No food or beverages may be consumed in the Teen Wing unless purchased from the Club.