Top Tennis

Our mission at Top Tennis is to make a difference in the lives of the young men and women we teach, as well as their parents. Making a difference not only for the students, but the entire family, is paramount to the development, mental health, and spirit with which the entire family perceives and enjoys tennis.

Our development strategy analyzes each individual child’s strengths and weaknesses. A qualified tennis professional must have a very good eye for technique and the game. As professionals, we look to each other for insight and collaboration to enhance the awareness for the coaches, players and parents involved.

While we love the game of tennis, we also stress the importance of education. We understand how difficult winning and losing can be. We are there throughout this process to assist our students and their parents. We want them to get out of our program a sense of respect for the game of tennis, as well as self-respect. We also insist on being professional at all times.

We provide training for all levels of young players, from the child who puts a tennis racquet in their hands for the first time, to players who compete state and region wide. Whether you are a beginner, a just-for-fun player or a player who wants to compete at the college level and beyond, we have a program for you.

Come join us at Top Tennis and see what it’s all about!